Organic Search Engine Optimization Versus Paid Search Advertising

organic traffic

Organic traffic can be defined as any traffic that originates from a site with no effort on the part of the internet user. Direct traffic is just traffic that comes straight from a specific webpage on the web. This type of traffic can originate from a search engine, though more frequently than not, it arises from organic visits to sites. Organic traffic is also a type of indirect traffic, but it’s mostly earned in another way. Direct traffic comes from links provided by other sites, according to a professional digital marketer Gabriel Beltran.

On a popular online social network, there are dozens of such “groupons.” These are little software programs offered free of charge, to members of a certain community. If you sign up for a group, you can bid on the service or product of another groupon advertiser, and if you win the bid, you have free use of the product or service. The advertiser pays the host site for a fee, however, in most cases, this isn’t a large sum; usually it’s only a few dollars.

Groupons are very popular online, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re inexpensive, they’re easy to use, and they deliver what the advertiser was after: direct traffic from a pre-determined list of people who are interested in that service or product. However, in order to receive payments from a groupon, you must have excellent web analytics software installed on your website or blog. A group won’t generate any organic traffic unless the users who go to your site to buy something or become a member of your online community. The good news is that this is very easy to do, with several programs available online that allow you to integrate one of these into your website immediately for immediate and inexpensive results.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain direct and organic website traffic sources is through social media marketing, also called SMM. Social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest among others. Every day, thousands of new people are joining these communities. If your blog or website is focusing on a particular topic or niche, these can be great digital marketing tools for generating social buzz around your brand.

Another great way to gain organic traffic and not pay a dime is through digital advertising. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital advertising has no geographical limitations. It can be sent to just about anyone with a computer and an Internet connection, so there’s no “pushiness” involved. The great thing about digital advertising is that it works to get the word out about your website, product, or service. Using web analytics, you can determine the most effective methods of marketing to bring in direct traffic and boost sales.

Paid search marketing, or PPC, works very well for getting organic search traffic. Because you bid on keyword phrases, paid search advertising can target specific audiences. This generates more direct traffic as well as leads. Unlike organic search traffic that is generated largely from links from other websites, PPC traffic originates from paid search placements.

PPC requires a strategic plan in order to generate the best results. By using Google AdWords or other online marketing platforms, you can advertise your website and begin to attract traffic. Although this method is considered a pay-per-click program, this type of marketing allows you to be in charge of when and how much you spend. Because this form of marketing takes place on Google, you can be sure that only targeted traffic will be generated. You can also be sure that your potential customers will have an easier time finding your site because the ads are displayed according to what people are searching for.

Organic search engine optimization is the preferred method of driving traffic sources for any business. By staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry you can stay one step ahead of the competition. A comprehensive web analytics package from an SEO provider can alert you to current keywords that are being searched for and which of those keywords are bringing in the most traffic. You can then make adjustments to your marketing strategy to take advantage of these trends. Organic search engine optimization is a comprehensive, engaging way to enhance your website’s organic rankings and generate targeted direct traffic to your web presence.